Offering Personal Make overs and Style Advice in Seattle

What to buy?

Color is important

Did mom teach you style? (If mine did I wasn't listening)

Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Finding your own style matters

Do you spend time sewing things that aren't your style? Need help figuring out which patterns and fabrics work?

Why are you here? On this planet and on this website?

Did you wake up this morning ready to conquer the world only to open your closet and find it is full but you have nothing to wear on your mission? Nothing that expresses what you want to promote? Nothing that fits or is the right color or actually makes you feel great?

Join the crowd. My optimistic view of why I see masses of sweatpants, torn jeans and t shirts when I leave the house is that it is confusing to dress in a way that looks good for your personal body and style. This makes us revert to pulling something out that is comfy, covers our body and allows us to blend in instead of making a statement. You may even be confused about your statement. What do you want to accomplish?

Why are you here? Making these sloppy clothing choices may even be contributing to your confusion. I don’t know what to wear so how can I save the world?

Have you thought about what your clothing choices say to the world about you?

  • If you dress like everyone else does that mean you want to be invisible? Are you hiding?
  • If you dress like a pop star does that mean you want the attention they are getting? (Both wanted AND unwanted)
  • If you are older are you inadvertently making choices that emphasize your age instead of your vitality?

I can help. I can prepare you to take on the world with a closet full of go to items that express you– that make it easy and fast to get dressed in the morning- it will even make the dreaded S word Shopping easier. Personal styling and image consulting that will make it fun and easy to get dressed – every day.