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Become YOUR best logo

1 on 1 In person and Virtual Wardrobe Coaching

Imagine some morning “magic” when you walk in your closet and can easily pull together an outfit to wear that will give you the confidence to rock your day.

Imagine having clothing that fits perfectly, expresses your true self and goes together easily.

What do I do?

I help small business owners and others become their best logo. I create magical moments and make overs in the closet that help them emerge ready to rock the world.

How? I do this by helping them learn how to express who they are and what they represent through what they wear. I help them learn the “magic” – (which is really a little bit of math and self observation) to finding clothing that fits and flatters. Once they have the ”magic” down, the fun begins. It becomes easier to pare down your closet. It becomes easier to make decisions about what to wear. It becomes FUN to get dressed in the morning because you know you look your personal best. It is Joyous Style and it changes your life.

Why should you care?

The first 9 seconds are all you have to make a first impression at a networking event, presentation, sales call or interview. Think of it as your “first date”. The way you look visually is the start of your relationship with others.

After this first impression it is about what you have to give to your audience. A great first 9 seconds paves the way for a great 5, 10 60 whatever length of time follow up with the you they are now excited to learn about.

This first impression actually starts in the morning with you in your closet. How do you want to start your day?

 Do you want to start your day with ease? With that magical moment where you pull together a clean, well fitted, in great shape outfit that gives you the confidence to rock your day?

OR do you want to start off the way you have been, with a an overstuffed closet full of things that used to fit, need repair or cleaning, maybe even still have the tags on it because you LOVED IT but now have nothing to wear with it.  Trying things on and rejecting them until the floor is piled high with things that just don’t work. And now you are full of indecision already wasting those precious brain cells and time before you have even left the house.

You pick

I can help you become your best logo and learn the “magic” that helps you emerge from your closet ready to rock your day.


I’m Beth

I can help you with the process of discovering your style and getting your closet organized. Let’s talk


Style Magic

What it is  

 Our style magic 3 hour makeover is a time for busy small business owners, sales people and others to take care of themselves and learn how best to create an outer image that is consistent with the values and messages that they have inside. You will

  • Learn what colors and styles are most flattering to you
  • Learn what good fit is
  • Learn how to put all those colors and styles together to create an outfit Understand why it is important to let go of those items that don’t work for you
  • You will get style magic 

How it works:

The process will start with us having a 10-40 minute phone conversation about what you are looking for. This phone call is free and will help us determine if we should work together and how.

If we decide to work together I will send you a simple questionnaire designed to guide us in the process of making you your best logo. I will ask for pictures of you. I will want to know what sort of branding your currently use in marketing materials as well as personal and company values. If you have been dreaming  (i.e. collecting Pintrest boards) of what you would like your style to be I would love to have you share them with me.  We will also discuss your daily activities so that your wardrobe can be designed to fully meet your needs.

After that we will meet in person or virtually for roughly 3 hours. If we are meeting in person, I will have everything we need to get started. If we meet virtually I will have sent you a list of what to have on hand. These 3 hours will save you countless hours in the mornings to come and is a time investment you won’t regret. At the end of this time you will have a guide to how to create your own wardrobe magic. You will know what styles and colors work best for you.

What you will get

At the end of this time

  • you will have a guide  to create your own wardrobe magic
  • You will know what styles and colors work best for you
  • You will  find the holes in your wardrobe that need patching
  • You will have started the closet clarity process
  • You will have started the journey to becoming your best logo 

Home organization

Personal Style

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Closet clearing

Closet clearing involves us working together to go through every item in your closet to make sure it fits you and the season, looks good and is current. We will create new outfit combinations and make sure everthing goes with at least two or three other items so you have flexibility. We will discuss capsule wardrobes as a quick way to pack for travel or get ready for the week. At the end you will know where the gaps are and what you need to get next time you are shopping. 3 hour minimum

Personal Makeover

You can expect me to take measurements and look at your colors. We will discuss the activities you do on a regular basis and assess what you need.

After that we will look at styles that fit and flatter you so that you can easily select them for yourself.

Fashion is fun when you spend more time trying on the right things and less time trying to figure it out.

Personal organization

Clearing the clutter in just one area of your life can create clarity elsewhere. We will work together to determine which area is your most pressing concern and start there. 

Your Style Made Easy


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