The rainiest on record

The rainiest on record

Yellow raincoat helped me beat the rain

Here in the Pacific Northwest we had the wettest wet season ever. 22.97 inches of rain between December and February. The old record was 22.27 inches set in 1998. Did it bother me? Shockingly no. I have always thought I had seasonal affective disorder or SAD. I have always lived in areas with shorter days in the winter – Northern Michigan and the Pacific Northwest. Winters are tough on me. But this year was different. I credit it to two things:

  1. Improved nutrition  including Vitamin D supplements that resulted in more energy.
  2. Giving myself permission to take time for myself to explore new things.

Every weekend day when I woke up with rain outside my window I rejoiced because it meant I would not feel guilty staying inside and working on my pattern making and sewing. I ignored the state of cleanliness of my house and did the grocery shopping another day. I didn’t work on my usual job any of the weekend days.I went downtown with a friend and had lunch at the market. Then we poked our heads into all the stores we couldn’t afford and admired their beautiful clothing.  I gave myself permission to feed my mental health and I survived. In fact I was surprised to hear we had set a record.because I didn’t even notice the rain.

Maybe my yellow raincoat helped too.

What have you done for yourself lately to feed your mental health?


Fearless Style

Fearless Style

One of the words I used to describe the style I wanted to create for myself was fearless.

Then I started doing an exercise for life planning that asked me to draw a picture of my biggest fear and then burn it. Well I got started and realized that my first hurdle was the fear that I was not an artist and couldn’t picture my fear. So instead of drawing I started writing all my fears crushing down on a tiny stick figure that was supposed to be me. That opened the flood gates to more fears and internal talk that I was only vaguely aware of but needed to shine a light on to defeat.

I was afraid of (among many things)

  • working too much
  • not having enough work
  • employees quitting
  • employees who need to quit not quitting and me having to fire them
  • succeeding
  • failing
  • traffic jams

and then there were all those background fears that the media and government lay on us:

  • terrorism
  • not enough money to cover an emergency or layoff or retirement
  • cancer
  • car accidents
  • …………. and on and on

If we don’t shine a light on these fears, they control us and prevent us from doing things that could bring us joy. They keep us in our same rhythm and routine, our same job, our same vacation spot, same hobbies – you get the idea. It keeps us from taking risks. It keeps us from living life. And we don’t even know it. We keep running on the wheel and thinking the same thoughts, wearing the same outfits (you knew I had to go here didn’t you?)

Routine can be a coping mechanism that keeps us from dwelling on our fears and internal talk and can also keep us from living a life of meaning and joy. Routine is also efficient and it can create more time for the joys in life if we let it. Are you using your routine or is it using you?

If you want to see some examples of what I call fearless style check out these folks:


Not very stylish but fearless
Reconciling your two halves

Reconciling your two halves

I have been “the plant lady” since 1981. Before that I dreamed of working in the fashion world. (I know right?) When I defaulted to plants I also dropped the idea that it mattered what I look like. Well I took that just a bit too far and am trying to turn the ship back to caring at least a little.
I still can’t drop the plants! I love wearing air plants. The picture shows a festucoides in my scarf pin. When I am not wearing them I can hang them on the wall as art. How versatile is that!
I do have to take care to not let them get too cold when I am out and about. I also need to remember to water them once a week by dunking them in a temperate water bath and then letting them drip dry.
So far I have only worn them on pins. I am looking for some other jewelry items like necklaces and earrings that can feature these unique plants.
What unique accessories do you include that say you are you? Share a picture!

My scarf is my  security blanket

My scarf is my security blanket

Yet another epiphany this morning. (It’s funny how when you give yourself time and space to think and think about what you think that your realize how many wild ideas are rolling through your head). This morning I realized my scarves are acting as a security blanket this winter. They make me feel protected and warm.  They hide my holiday bulging middle, they add color, they bring attention upward and finally they hide the fact that I don’t have nearly enough necklaces. They help hide the fact that too many of my jackets end at an unflattering length or have gotten a little small. They are a blessing and a curse because I am using them as a crutch.

Maybe instead I can see them as a tool to get me through a rough patch of becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t. An aid to looking and feeling better. And in this part of the country they are useful for staying warm as well. I am lucky this crutch is available to me and fits the climate. I just need to start thinking about how to fix the wardrobe deficiencies they are hiding before spring comes.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe crutch you use to get you through a rough patch? I would love to hear about it.