I have been “the plant lady” since 1981. Before that I dreamed of working in the fashion world. (I know right?) When I defaulted to plants I also dropped the idea that it mattered what I look like. Well I took that just a bit too far and am trying to turn the ship back to caring at least a little.
I still can’t drop the plants! I love wearing air plants. The picture shows a festucoides in my scarf pin. When I am not wearing them I can hang them on the wall as art. How versatile is that!
I do have to take care to not let them get too cold when I am out and about. I also need to remember to water them once a week by dunking them in a temperate water bath and then letting them drip dry.
So far I have only worn them on pins. I am looking for some other jewelry items like necklaces and earrings that can feature these unique plants.
What unique accessories do you include that say you are you? Share a picture!