One of the words I used to describe the style I wanted to create for myself was fearless.

Then I started doing an exercise for life planning that asked me to draw a picture of my biggest fear and then burn it. Well I got started and realized that my first hurdle was the fear that I was not an artist and couldn’t picture my fear. So instead of drawing I started writing all my fears crushing down on a tiny stick figure that was supposed to be me. That opened the flood gates to more fears and internal talk that I was only vaguely aware of but needed to shine a light on to defeat.

I was afraid of (among many things)

  • working too much
  • not having enough work
  • employees quitting
  • employees who need to quit not quitting and me having to fire them
  • succeeding
  • failing
  • traffic jams

and then there were all those background fears that the media and government lay on us:

  • terrorism
  • not enough money to cover an emergency or layoff or retirement
  • cancer
  • car accidents
  • …………. and on and on

If we don’t shine a light on these fears, they control us and prevent us from doing things that could bring us joy. They keep us in our same rhythm and routine, our same job, our same vacation spot, same hobbies – you get the idea. It keeps us from taking risks. It keeps us from living life. And we don’t even know it. We keep running on the wheel and thinking the same thoughts, wearing the same outfits (you knew I had to go here didn’t you?)

Routine can be a coping mechanism that keeps us from dwelling on our fears and internal talk and can also keep us from living a life of meaning and joy. Routine is also efficient and it can create more time for the joys in life if we let it. Are you using your routine or is it using you?

If you want to see some examples of what I call fearless style check out these folks:


Not very stylish but fearless