The experimental jacket

You may have read about my skirt last week. I considered that a relative success.

Now I am going to share my failure – the jacket. Not a total failure because I can see how to improve it and that is what happens in design. You try it, redesign it or trash it and start over. Since this is my first project I am not quite ready for the trash it option. Instead I will tweak it.

I am going to try adding a seam so the pockets are in seam and not welt. I am trying to decide about the length in the front. I think 2-3 inches longer will be more flattering. The sleeves twist because I did not think up front about how to incorporate the zipper and ended up simply cutting the front left to create a place to add a zipper – all of which made the front too small and twisted everything enough to make the sleeves pull. I know this because when I unzip it the sleeves are fine!

I like the length in the back (covers my bootie). I like the brown. I like the zipper contrast with the brown. I like the side zip. And it was a fun project. It gave my brain a new problem to solve which will hopefully keep it young.

Now I just need to find a free few hours to try again.

What project are you trying to challenge your brain?