I cringe when I think of how I used to go out the door. A mirror and a camera show different things. It is funny how when I started to take pictures of what I was about to head out in I would stop and make some quick changes. Recently I observed that how I did something as simple as buttoning up my sweater either visually added 20 pound or subtracted 5.

Take a look. I always thought buttoning my sweater in the middle would create a waistline for me. Well sort of but it did a better job of pointing out what hangs over and pokes out under my waist. And added about 20 pounds to my appearance.

The same sweater buttoned all the way up (even with the color poking out) at the bottom made me look about 5 pounds thinner.

What look have you been wearing that you were startled to discover created exactly the appearance you were trying to avoid?