I know it’s trite but Spring has Sprung

I know it’s trite but Spring has Sprung

Last week I was back in Michigan visiting family. We had 10″ of snow in one 24 hour period. When I left Seattle the ground in my backyard was like a bog. When I returned it was 75 degrees and all the trees had budded out. My backyard was dried out and I was stuck for what to wear.

It is time for me to start over on the style journey. I had started to master putting on enough items to look like I made an effort. My fall and winter wardrobe came together, Scarves were my go to security blanket. I had basic shoes for every winter item I wore. Now it is a new season and I am challenged to find things that fit the warm weather.

It is a year ago March that I started experimenting with my image. Looking back on those pictures is a bit shocking. My goal for this spring is to not repeat those mistakes. This means looking at everything in my closet with a fresh eye and challenging myself to put together items that emphasize my best features. And finding those accessories that will make it an outfit. I need to find some basic necklaces to replace those security blanket scarves. I need some spring flats in a color that matches those light pants I want to wear. I need to find some sandals that don’t look like I only care about comfort. (Even though I do).

The challenge for this will be that in spite of my best efforts I seem to have less time this spring than I did last. So shopping for those needed items will be an exercise in efficiency.

What are your solutions to the changing seasons?

Finding the time

Finding the time

When I sit down to write a new post it is hard to not get distracted by all the interesting blogs about style and fashion for older women. It is empowering to see unfettered joy in dress and style that is apparent in their posts.

Today I got distracted by this wonderful blog I had forgotten about (I don’t always remember to look at my feeds to see what’s new). A Colourful Canvas. The author has on a wonderful sky blue coat with white polka dots that she made from a pattern by this pattern designer closet case.

That led me to look at closet case patterns and her wonderful ideas about sharing on her website – sew alongs and photos of beautiful women wearing her bombshell swimsuit.

Then I got distracted by a link on another site to a site where women buy and sell clothes from each others closets (although I haven’t investigated deeply enough to see if there are also manufacturers on there).

And then there’s polyvore and pintrest and facebook and……….

Now I have spent 45 minutes enriching my bookmarks page and don’t have time to experiment with the muslin I am trying to correct for my new jacket pattern. Let alone clean the house or put on makeup.

How do you manage to browse the web for ideas without drowning? How do you find time to work on your own projects or clean the house? How do you focus on getting the most out of each day in this fabulous world of information that we live in? How do you find the time to walk out the door looking put together?

I look forward to getting your ideas.