Last week I was back in Michigan visiting family. We had 10″ of snow in one 24 hour period. When I left Seattle the ground in my backyard was like a bog. When I returned it was 75 degrees and all the trees had budded out. My backyard was dried out and I was stuck for what to wear.

It is time for me to start over on the style journey. I had started to master putting on enough items to look like I made an effort. My fall and winter wardrobe came together, Scarves were my go to security blanket. I had basic shoes for every winter item I wore. Now it is a new season and I am challenged to find things that fit the warm weather.

It is a year ago March that I started experimenting with my image. Looking back on those pictures is a bit shocking. My goal for this spring is to not repeat those mistakes. This means looking at everything in my closet with a fresh eye and challenging myself to put together items that emphasize my best features. And finding those accessories that will make it an outfit. I need to find some basic necklaces to replace those security blanket scarves. I need some spring flats in a color that matches those light pants I want to wear. I need to find some sandals that don’t look like I only care about comfort. (Even though I do).

The challenge for this will be that in spite of my best efforts I seem to have less time this spring than I did last. So shopping for those needed items will be an exercise in efficiency.

What are your solutions to the changing seasons?