Where have I been? I haven’t posted anything since April! As I thought about this I realized I was using the excuses (i.e. the roadblocks we set up for ourselves) to keep from making progress. Here they are:
1. I am too busy. In June I sold my plant business. It has freed up my time and I now only work 32 hours a week for the new owner (soon to drop to 20 and then 0 on Dec 23!!) This means I have theoretically had an extra 8-20 hours a week. I have spent a lot of it increasing self care – jogging again, taking time to read both blogs and books, creating healthful meals and SEWING! which has been a lot of fun and frustration. This excuse is simply that – a reason to not do something which is hard – writing helps me think about what I will purposefully do with my time after December that will bring me joy and help me to grow. Not writing and using the busy excuse keeps me stuck in the same place which is spending my time doing the items on someone else’s agenda. It takes away the fear of the unknown.
2. I hate taking pictures of myself and can’t think of anything else to take pictures of. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and mine do seem to say it all. Can’t this woman get out of her dressing room?
This is where I need to get creative and brave and take my tripod and camera out in public to bring some more interest into those 1000 words. Right now they say my life is boring. I fear going public and this statement about pictures brings it home.
3. Fashion is silly. Which is why I can’t bring myself to be a “fashion” blogger. This is an excuse to accept where I am and not put myself and my ideas out there into the world. As I think about my resistance I realize I am putting an entire industry down. Folks who design, sew, blog and even sell fashion are a creative bunch expressing themselves truly and authentically through their style. It is our job as consumers and wearers of fashion to take their art and use it to our benefit. To feel better, to brighten someone’s day and bring joy.
4. I don’t know where I am going. My life is in transition. Textiles, clothing and style are calling out to me and I don’t know where to take it. I relish the freedom of having time to find out but continue to put up the roadblocks in my mind to grant that freedom. The excuses. The need to have a defined path instead of trying many. I also find a place in my head that tells me that to create I must be in isolation. It is true I need time alone to think but I also believe community will be valuable in my progress. There are so many pathways in this industry that I don’t even know about. There are many opportunities to help others discover the joy as well. I have always enjoyed a well defined path and knowing what comes tomorrow. I need to remind myself that this is just an illusion. None of us are on a predictable path. Life can change in an instant so bring joy into every day.
5. I am not smart, creative, talented enough. You name it that message is going through my head and makes an easy excuse. I am farther along the path than I was yesterday and everyone starts from the beginning at some point. I can continue to learn or I can shut down and use the excuse I am not smart creative or talented enough.

Today I will tackle excuse no 2 and take my camera along on today’s rainy bike exploration of Seattle’s remodeled home tour. Get a picture of myself just to see how far I need to go down the road of creating the stylish cycling outfit for all weather conditions. – Looks like I have a ways to go!

Enough about me – what are the excuses holding you back?