This fabric had been in my stash since the sewing expo in Puyallup about 4 years ago. I had since determined that black is not a great color on me and had decided to use it as my muslin fabric for a knit tunic pattern I was developing. When I took it to a sewing meetup one of the other sewers said it would be fabulous in reverse (the grey side you see). I decided to try it.

It was a struggle to get my brain to put the fabric together “inside out”. I probably ripped out every seam at least once. My serger was out of commission so I used a long but narrow zig zag to put it together. I chose the length to cover the back side and the widest part of my body. I added pockets because I like them in everything. It glides over my body but is not a tent with lots of fabric. It is comfortable to wear and light! I am happy. I challenged my brain in more ways than I thought.

My one sewing challenge was that the facing rolls out in spite of my understitching. I have had one recommendation to try making the facing a little smaller next time so that it wants to roll to the inside. Anyone else have thoughts?