Old truck staged as a wreck

This creative roadside tableau in a field strewn with lava boulders was outside Hagerman Idaho.

Your style shows in everything you do and this person (whoever it is) got creative in a big way staging an old wrecked truck to look as if it had crashed into this tree stump with a body thrown through the windshield and been left to age. The writing on the door says Mr. Pickens moonshine.

I would enjoy meeting the creator of this. They think just a little bit differently than the rest of us and take the time to manifest their ideas. Your clothing can do the same thing for you. Take a little bit of time and express what you are thinking and feeling inside to show the outside world who you are. For me personally this is easier said than done. Even though I quit working at the beginning of 2017 I have found myself on the road or preparing to be on the road. This has left me little time to think or express myself. And maybe that is my way of hiding and resting during this transitional time. I need to create alone time and speak up to get it so I have time to process.

We all have different needs. It is easy to ignore them and harder to do the work to figure out what they are. I admire those who find the time to pull together a unique interesting wardrobe that looks fabulous. I wonder if it takes them less time than it takes me. Is it effortless for them? I am sure they have done work at some point to learn about colors, fit and styles that work for their body shape. Have they also thought about who they are?

It is easy for me to get lost on the way to finding myself. To let myself get tied up in what others think I should be doing, to rush from one thing to another, to spend time on social media or defending myself and how I want to spend my time to my partner. I spent 30 plus years as a small business owner. That was my excuse for not having time for myself. I pushed to get everything done and rarely stepped back to see what I wanted my life to be about. It was work all day, cover for employees, spend time on the rest of the family’s hobbies/needs, cook, sleep and repeat. I thought this was how life had to be. It made me resentful.

Instead I realized it was a choice I was making. Everything we do is a choice. You might feel like you have no choice but there is always another choice. Your choices have put you where you are. Now it is time to joyously accept that and make conscious choices in the future. Realize that not making choices is choosing. Letting someone else choose for you is a choice.

For me spending 30 minutes or so a day (mornings are best for me) pausing and reflecting help me be more conscious of living a life I mean to live. Not spending that time these last few months has put me in a state of limbo and anxiety. How do you become conscious of where you are and how you got there?