This is the drawing of the London Cardi pattern from Lori Anne patterns

As you may know I have been experimenting with making my own patterns. I have been stuck for a while trying to get the pants and bodice I drafted to be perfect (I know perfection isn’t always great). It has been draining. So I looked through my fabric stash and patterns the other day and found a winey purple knit that should be perfect with this london cardi pattern. I wanted to sew and not have to think.

Already I have skipped too many steps that I may regret later.

  1. I didn’t trace the pattern off. This means I can only use it for this size once. If it turns out fabulous I may regret this.
  2. I chose the size 16 because I couldn’t bear to go up to an 18. (ps this is the advantage to making my own patterns – I only have to think about measurements not the stigma of sizes – a ridiculous mental block on my part).
  3. I didn’t measure the pattern against my actual body nor even hold it up. I am sensing that it may be shorter than I would like – hopefully there aren’t other issues as well.

Time to go down and start sewing – face these fears.

Lori Anne designs her jackets with several pieces to put together and an easy pocket detail that I always love to sew.

The triangle on the left though took me a few extra minutes to put in place because I didn’t mark the notches (that I’m sure must have been there) before I cut out the pattern. I rotated it every which way until I finally got it lined up so the side front was the same length as the side back.

Tricky triangle on the left

The jacket did turn out much shorter than I envisioned from the pattern drawing and next time I will try to figure out how to make it longer without messing up the great lines at the bottom.

Finished jacket – shorter than I envisioned

But the back is a great length

In the end I got lucky with all the shortcuts I took. Are there any sewing shortcuts you have taken that you have regretted later?