Last fall I went to the quilt show (even though I don’t quilt- quilting seems slower even than garment making) in Puyallup. I had been looking for a new sewing machine and knew there would be several styles there to test. I browsed all the booths and the exhibitors had more time to spend with me than they would at the big spring sewing show. This meant I had time to ask at the booth with the cutting mats whether people used them for garments as well. It was my assumption that they were used for quilting and intricate small cuts. As I learned they are used for garment cutting. The sales rep demonstrated and then allowed me to test. Very fun and no effort to cut with a rotary cutter on a mat. I bit the bullet and spent the $100 plus dollars to get a large mat, a mini travel mat, a ruler, a cutter and a healer.

I haven’t yet figured out how all the rulers connect with each other but I am loving cutting with my mat. It is designed to roll up so I can just stand it up without rolling behind my sewing cabinet. I put it on my sewing cutting table and I have a typical garment cut out in 5 minutes. Here is the company I purchased from. Big Mat

They even have some videos to review the use of the rulers although I would have benefited from having them more plainly labled and they end abruptly so I am not sure if I missed something.

I also have some wonderful Gingher shears that I bought when I was in sewing/patternmaking classes at Seattle Central Community College. I prefer the rotary cutter and mat. My wrists tend to hurt if I have been doing certain activities like bike riding and I can still cut without pain using the rotary.

Who would have guessed. Ask and you shall learn. What have you learned in the last couple months that you can share with us?