It was wet and wild. Don’t I look happy?

This week’s ride was wet, wild and full of mishaps.
It began with the intent to get into downtown Seattle for a memorial without needing to worry about traffic from the pro football game that was also going on. And to save some $$ And to eliminate a car trip. It was raining/snowing and the wind was howling but I pulled on my rainpants (never before used for a bike ride because as I always tell my husband “I don’t ride in the rain”), down jacket, bike coat, merino wool cap, polarfleece gloves, and safety glasses over my dress and tights. And of course my prototype handlebar bag with my trusty extra tube and cell phone.
We stopped for a picture on the beach to document.
The wind was blowing so hard at times that I was probably only going 2-3 miles per hour. When my bike started pulling to one side I figured it was the wind pushing me. I rode a little more and it was still pulling. I looked down in disbelief to see a flat tire. I suggested my husband ride on and I would catch the bus. He insisted on changing the tire and continuing together. I reached into my trusty bag and handed him a fresh tube. He changed the tire. But the bike pump didn’t work. It had probably been tossed around enough over the years that things got jammed up. We started walking towards the gas station about a mile away. I suggested it might be faster if he rode with the tire and I kept slogging along.
Off he went only to return with a tire that had already lost its air. He reached for his phone for the bus schedule, we locked our bikes and hopped on the bus. I reached into my trusty bag for my Orca card. At that point he must have handed me his phone and I must have put it in my trusty bag. We were on the 132 which is full of distractions when he noticed he didn’t have his phone. He said go on ahead I need to go look for my phone.
When I got to the memorial I opened my trusty bag to turn off my phone and OOPS – it had two phones in it.
He eventually showed up. My moral of the story is – slow down and pay attention to what you are doing and always bring your trusty bag.
Tell me about your weekly ride.