Last week I downloaded the Spin Bike app from Google apps to my phone. It downloaded quickly. Today I am testing it out on a trip downtown to meet a friend at Seattle Center. As a happy side note the bus I am on is populated by folks from Vashon Island who have just reported an Orca sighting near the ferry terminal.  I text my husband and he is able to get down to the water in time to see them swimming north.

I am a little worried I won’t be able to test because I see less Spin (orange bikes) than the other 2 companies as I travel around Seattle. Even though nowhere in the sign up process etc do I see anything about wear a helmet I have clipped my helmet to my bag so I have one along.

I get off the Metro bus at 3rd and Vine and my heart jumped when I saw three bikes parked near the coffee shop and one was the desired Orange Spin bike.

Orange spin bike in sight

I opened the app, scanned the code and the lock on the rear wheel unlocked. A brief message about staying safe and wearing a helmet flashed on my phone. I hopped on and rode the few blocks to Seattle Center. A first ride of 6 minutes. My first five rides (within the first week) were free so it didn’t matter that it was a short one. Otherwise it would have been a charge of $1. The bikes only have three speeds so serious uphills would be out of the question for me. It is relatively comfortable although the basket moving around with the front wheel gives me an odd feeling but is a convenient place to put the large bag I have brought along.

When I pull up to the Center meeting spot I park it in a corner near some tables out of the way of foot traffic. I figure out how to lock the back wheel which officially ends my ride. A successful trip. I will be curious to hear the ridership levels from this dock free bike experiment.

When I see my niece on Christmas Eve she tells me Spin is her chosen mode of transport. Have you tried any bike share programs? How did they work out?