Have you tried the capsule wardrobe when traveling for an extended period? There is  nothing like extended traveling to remind you how much you appreciate certain things.

Last week we returned from 7 weeks on a road trip. We went from the colds of a fall in Glacier National Park to a milder fall in Michigan to the wet of a SE US fall to the humidity of Key West, 17 degrees and snow in Denver and back. A packing challenge to say the least. I put my cold weather outer and under layers in a small backpack since they were the least time of our travels. This outer gear consisted of a raincoat, long underwear, a packable down, hiking boots, wool socks and a hat and gloves.

Here is my list for the rest of the trip:

  • 2 pair shorts khaki
  • 7 pair underwear and an extra bra
  • 2 pair foot liners
  • 4 pair misc. socks
  • 2 shirts (one blue t shirt and one grey sleeveless)
  • One pair grey jeans
  • One knit lightweight jacket in heathered grey.
  • One blue and white sundress with scarf (which I never wore )
  • A wide belt in brown.
  • A small bag of jewelry (2” x 3”)
  • A swimsuit
  • Flip flops
  • Walking shoes
  • 2 pair lightweight somewhat dressier shoes

It worked but I am so glad to see my closet. This was so repetitive. It did make dressing easy but I know I couldn’t live with just one capsule wardrobe at this point in my life. Variety IS the spice of life. Life IS too short to wear boring clothes. At least there was variety in locales and some new thrift and consignment stores to browse along the way.

How do you throw some spice in that travel capsule?