I always love those what not to wear shows and now it is fun to figure out why my outfits don’t always work. I made these great flannel pants from a Sew Chic Pattern Co. pattern. I put the cozy side inside and they feel like pajamas. With the shirt on the left they also look like pajamas. Whoops! This shirt’s v-neck also makes my torso look too short since these pants are high waisted. 

When I switched to the white shirt and blue sweater, it drew the eye up and elongated the torso. The navy sweater lowered the visual waist a little bit and it all balanced out. My favorite outfit on a chilly day. 

The effect of high waisted pants is to make your legs look longer and as a result your torso is automatically shortened. These pants would not work as well on someone with long legs and a shorter torso unless there was another balancing trick – Perhaps a collar that stood up on the neckline to make the upper half of the body taller as well. 

If you try something on and at first it doesn’t look quite right, play around with the proportions and see if you can fool the eye till you get it right. What problems have you had with proportion?