Last week I shared a video about those little voices in your head that stop you from being your best or can even stop you from thinking about putting a swimsuit on. If you missed it, you can find it here.

This week I  give you some ideas  for how to change those messages and a few more tips that I hope get you excited about finding that perfect swimsuit.

Finding a great swimsuit starts with the right attitude and the right silhouette. You can find my free guide to the best suit for your body type here.

You will also want to  consider the 7 items below when you are trying to find the perfect suit in the store or online.

  1. Fit – Get the right size. When ordering online make sure you know your measurements for bust, waist and hip and compare them to the store’s size chart. The sizing for women’s clothing is not standardized. You may have noticed that a size 14 from one store is not the same as a size 14 from another store. It is also helpful to know if your torso is shorter or longer than average. Your vertical proportions will help you with this and you can also check to see if the store’s sizing chart mentions a measurement from your neck to waist and compare it to yours. This measurement is taken from the base of your neck where it meets your spine to an imaginary horizontal line that crosses your waist. If you are buying a swimsuit like the Miracle suit, then you may want to go up one size from your normal dress size or you may end up looking like an overstuffed sausage.
  2. Coverage and breast support – Depending on your size and age you may appreciate a built in bra to hold your breasts up. I also appreciate not having my nipples show through the suit if the water happens to be a little chilly. I also want my butt cheeks covered so I look at how much coverage there is in that area of the suit. If the model’s butt isn’t covered it’s a sure bet mine won’t be
  3. Why am I buying a suit? Am I just going to be lounging around the sand or pool? Then I probably don’t need to worry about the straps or how it stays up. But obviously that changes if I plan to do any jumping, diving or lap swimming or even just play with the kids in the water.
  4. Quality really does matter in a suit. A swimsuit is subjected to sun, chlorine and damp situations- the perfect environment for textile destruction. Feel the fabric. I prefer a thicker fabric for my swimsuit. I also look inside at the stitching and make sure it is nice and solid with no skipped stitches. No need to have a wardrobe malfunction at the pool or beach. Some suits now come with built in UV protection so if that is a benefit to you look around for that in your search.
  5. Color – You might be tempted to go with black because it can be slimming but black can also be aging. If it’s not your color learn what is. Navy and purple are flattering to most skin colors and can also be slimming.
  6. Prints – If you are larger you can get away with a larger print. Small prints would look silly. And vice-versa, if you are smaller you can get lost with a larger print.
  7. Cover ups – Does it have a coordinating cover up or do you have something you can wear with it to get from home to the beach or if it gets chilly? An over sized white shirt and a coordinated sarong could be an easy answer especially if you already have them.