I am a retired plant lady. I spent 35 years transforming offices and entry ways with beautiful plants and flowers. Now I help women transform themselves and especially love to help seamstresses select patterns and fabrics that will look fabulous on them.

My re entry into the world of clothing came about 4 years ago when a friend helped me wake up and see that life was passing me by. I was spending all day working with no energy left for myself at the end of the day. Unless I had a client to see I went into work in either a uniform or sweats. I never gave myself permission to buy clothes because I believed there was not enough money to do so. Almost everything I wore had been given to me as a gift. How I looked was a reflection of how little value I gave myself.

My husband never hesitated to buy himself what he needed and I allowed myself to resent him for it. The truth was it was my own fault for the position I was in. I was allowing those subconscious voices that are inside all of our heads to tell me “You are not good enough to spend money on nor take time for.” I just assumed this was how life was. I had managed to gain a good 30 pounds or so over the course of life and told myself I couldn’t spend money on nice clothes until I “lost weight.” Well you can imagine with this attitude of sacrifice and resentment I was not a happy person and it showed on the outside. Here is a picture of me when I started the journey.

I actually went out in this and thought it was OK


Through a lot of morning quiet reflective time and many many outfits I have finally given myself permission to buy myself clothes, to eat healthy and to put exercise and me first on my list not last. As in put on your own oxygen mask first you can’t help others if you are worn down yourself.

I have also spent many hours sewing clothing that never was “quite right”. Now that I have found the right colors and styles for myself my sewing is much more wearable and I don’t worry about whether I am wasting my time on another failed sewing project.

No matter where you are in your journey- just starting to wake up or fully realized and just wanting to delegate one more chore I look forward to helping you so you can fully shine your light and power.