Personal Wardrobe Coach Beth Dewey

I help women dress their dreams, find their voice and celebrate their amazing bodies through wardrobe choices. As an image consultant it is important to find out what my clients want to achieve in their lives and help them reach their goals by presenting themselves as the confident and accomplished person they can are.

Since the 60’s there has been a body ideal that is something only a pre-teen could accomplish. This subtle and overt message about not measuring up has a way of working into our subconscious and we start to feel inadequate. I help women become aware of all those voices in our heads that keep us from becoming the women we have the potential to be. I help women express that confidant woman through what they wear.

No matter where you are in your journey- just starting to wake up or fully realized and just wanting to delegate one more chore I look forward to helping you so you can fully shine your light and power.

Volunteer Driver at Sound Generations

Volunteer stylist and sorter at Dress for Success Seattle

Former Plant lady and owner of The Plant connection

Love to hike, bike and be outdoors.

Graduate Fashion Stylist Institute Certified Image Consultant

Member Association of Image Consultants International