I loved how Beth was professional and helped me figure out what colors looked best on me. She really knows her stuff and I could tell with the tools and materials she used to get to this result. Now when I go shopping I’m more equipped to make better decisions when it comes to colors. I feel way more confident and when given a choice between a few pieces I know that I can go with the color that looks best on me and not just because I like the style or price tag. No more shopping mistakes for me! Thanks Beth!!!

Celeste P


Sustainable Style Coach Beth Dewey

I help women dress their dreams, find their voice and celebrate their amazing bodies through wardrobe choices. As an image consultant it is important to find out what my clients want to achieve in their lives and help them reach their goals by presenting themselves as the confident and accomplished person they are. 

Since the 60’s there has been a body ideal that is something only a pre-teen could accomplish. This subtle and overt message about not measuring up has a way of working into our subconscious and we start to feel inadequate. I help women become aware of all those voices in our heads that keep us from becoming the women we have the potential to be. I help women express that confidant woman through what they wear. As part of this process we will be working towards finding four words that represent who you are and where you are going to use as a guide in creating your own personal style.

No matter where you are in your journey- just starting to wake up or fully realized and just wanting to delegate one more chore I look forward to helping you so you can fully shine your light and power integrating sustainability into that equation.

When I was a plant lady and small business owner I never realized how significantly how I dressed affected my results until the last few years I was in business. I often came to sales calls straight from the field (probably even with dirt on my face). I thought I had to do it all myself and I looked like it. How much confidence would this give a large prospect that I could actually deliver when I didn’t have the systems and processes in place to even have someone else doing some of the dirty work? I was trying to wear all the hats at the cost of personal care. I didn’t believe I had the time or resources to worry about “how I looked.” And so of course I didn’t. 

When I made the shift to getting more help and taking care of myself the jobs I was able to get grew in size. Improving the way I presented myself to the world was a part of this. I would love to help you begin taking care of yourself starting with your closet and wardrobe. 

Volunteer stylist and sorter at Dress for Success Seattle

Former Plant lady and owner of The Plant connection

Love to hike, bike and be outdoors.

Graduate Fashion Stylist Institute Certified Image Consultant