From Chaos to Clarity

From Chaos to Clarity

I dream of clarity. Simplified focus on where I am going. But instead I often get interim chaos. Just like this closet.

There’s no clarity here (yet)

These transitional times are periods of growth. My hope is that there is such confusion at some times because you are about to make a huge leap forward. I know I am moving forward at least with my wardrobe and hopefully with my business. After three years of reading books, blogs and learning about different thoughts on the wardrobe process ( and Marie Kondo ) I think I have found a solution. And it is so much simpler than all the things I worked through in various color systems and ideas about how to look slimmer.which left me with mixed messages.

It is a free course (which also took a year and a half and a few mistakes along the way) called Dressing Your Truth. The premise was hokey to me at first but I feel better about it now that I have clarity. It claims that your colors, the structure and texture of your clothing should match your energy movement. There are only 4 choices (with some sub combinations of those choices) and once I found the right choice I feel relief. I am still putting those pieces together – hence the closet chaos but I am that much closer to that simplified wardrobe where all the colors go together and I can easily get dressed for any occasion.

The 4 types or energies are tied to colors that use either a tint, tone, shade or pure hue of any color. When you get it right purple goes with red and green and blue and it is like a lightening bolt to realize what options are available in color combinations.

If you have been reading this blog you know it has been a painful time consuming process for me to feel good about how I look and how to get dressed.

I look forward to sharing a picture of an organized closet and well dressed self in the VERY near future.

What systems have you used to try to figure out what looks good on you?


The rainiest on record

The rainiest on record

Yellow raincoat helped me beat the rain

Here in the Pacific Northwest we had the wettest wet season ever. 22.97 inches of rain between December and February. The old record was 22.27 inches set in 1998. Did it bother me? Shockingly no. I have always thought I had seasonal affective disorder or SAD. I have always lived in areas with shorter days in the winter – Northern Michigan and the Pacific Northwest. Winters are tough on me. But this year was different. I credit it to two things:

  1. Improved nutrition  including Vitamin D supplements that resulted in more energy.
  2. Giving myself permission to take time for myself to explore new things.

Every weekend day when I woke up with rain outside my window I rejoiced because it meant I would not feel guilty staying inside and working on my pattern making and sewing. I ignored the state of cleanliness of my house and did the grocery shopping another day. I didn’t work on my usual job any of the weekend days.I went downtown with a friend and had lunch at the market. Then we poked our heads into all the stores we couldn’t afford and admired their beautiful clothing.  I gave myself permission to feed my mental health and I survived. In fact I was surprised to hear we had set a record.because I didn’t even notice the rain.

Maybe my yellow raincoat helped too.

What have you done for yourself lately to feed your mental health?


My scarf is my  security blanket

My scarf is my security blanket

Yet another epiphany this morning. (It’s funny how when you give yourself time and space to think and think about what you think that your realize how many wild ideas are rolling through your head). This morning I realized my scarves are acting as a security blanket this winter. They make me feel protected and warm.  They hide my holiday bulging middle, they add color, they bring attention upward and finally they hide the fact that I don’t have nearly enough necklaces. They help hide the fact that too many of my jackets end at an unflattering length or have gotten a little small. They are a blessing and a curse because I am using them as a crutch.

Maybe instead I can see them as a tool to get me through a rough patch of becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t. An aid to looking and feeling better. And in this part of the country they are useful for staying warm as well. I am lucky this crutch is available to me and fits the climate. I just need to start thinking about how to fix the wardrobe deficiencies they are hiding before spring comes.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe crutch you use to get you through a rough patch? I would love to hear about it.





I may still need to work on my photography and pay more attention to the background but the outfit was a success. We were lucky enough to be invited to a party that asked us to wear cocktail attire! This is a real score in the grunge capital of Seattle and I jumped on it. In the past my idea of cocktail attire was to pull out my square shaped black velvet sleeveless maxi dress and my worn down black velvet flats, throw on a scarf and call it good. Black was not my color and I never got compliments except from my husband who knows his job.

Our first party was across the street (and attire was described as come as you are). I was overjoyed that the first words I heard were: “Thank god! People in clothes!”. She of course meant dressed up clothes – no one was naked and I thought everyone looked pretty good for Seattle.

The person who greeted me (who looked fabulous in her gold dress that brought out her beautiful hair) then said “There is a woman who knows her colors. Look at how that teal matches her eyes” That made me glow because ever since our trip to Turkey I had been working hard to add the right colors to my style.

At the second official cocktail attire party a sweet young make up artist came up and told me I looked fabulous. Fortunately the dress distracted her from my cover girl makeup job.

The evening was great. I truly believe finding clothes that I felt comfortable and confident in made all the difference in my conversations and interactions with the other guests. I met new and interesting people and heard great stories. We danced, ate and toasted in a wonderful New Year.

What was your successful New Year’s eve outfit? Please share your unique style with me.