Planning a trip?

I have a great Wardrobe Trip planner that will help you make sure you have what you need (and not too much) for your next trip. 

Sustainable Style Resources

 Guide to Great Consignment Stores in Skagit and Whatcom county

Encore Shoppe, 1501 Parker Way, Suite 102, Mount Vernon, WA This fabulous consignment store has a great selection of clothing and shoes for women of all sizes. There is a designer section and a section of clothing with labels and original price tags still attached (hopefully you don’t have some of those hanging unworn in your closet).  All the sections are grouped in easy to browse categories and sorted by color and size making it easy and fun to find what you need.


The Clothes Rack, 2426 Yew Street, Bellingham, WA 98229 Another amazing consignment store. I especially liked their dressing rooms and mannequin display of outfit ideas. They have a good selection in all sizes. 

2019/2020 Fall Winter Color Trends 

I have put together this color report for you. I hope you find some of your colors in this fall’s trends. I can help if you find the world of color confusing.

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