Style words for the day = nap

Style words for the day = nap

How are you owning your 9 while you stay at home? Have you put any thought into how you feel when you get dressed for another day (probably at home)? Now is the perfect time to play around with what you put on for the day to see if it changes the way you feel.

Today was grocery day so I wore what I wore yesterday knowing it was going to have to go into the wash as soon as I got back into the safe zone so I am actually on my second outfit for the day. And it is pretty obvious the words I was looking for for the rest of the day were comfort, slouch and warmth.  This outfit is sort of a danger zone however because it is all stretchy meaning there will be no clothes binding discomfort if I overindulge (I will pay for it with some internal discomfort if it happens).  And we’ll see if I actually get my intended work done. I’m supposed to be putting energy into social media scheduling and with comfort, slouch and warmth in the vocabulary my social media today might just be a picture of me napping.

If you didn’t take a few minutes to create some words to express your style today, take a look at what you are wearing and see what sort of energy they are giving you. Does it make it easier or harder for you to get your work done when you are dressed for naptime?


How has your week been?

Have you been sitting around in your indoor clothes? Items you would not want anyone to see? Has it affected your mood?

It did mine. Those clothes allowed me to dawdle and waste a lot of time lurking on social media. They were my purposeless clothes. I couldn’t wear them outside to weed or even to the grocery store. It was too much effort to change so I didn’t go outside and weed, or go to the grocery store or do anything except those aimless pursuits those clothes encouraged. And there is no shame in that until there is.

You know the point when it is time for a change. When you can see that at least for now this is the new normal. I can choose to sit around purposeless or I can go ahead and live life as it is.

I decided to give life as it is a try on Thurs. I decided to put on some jeans and a shirt I had never worn before. And then some earrings – but still no makeup. And then on Friday I was inspired to have a word for the day. And that word was intentional. This helped me set up some activities for the day and set the timer again to limit time spent on those pointless activities like reading my web news feed and Facebook. It helped me think of some good questions to ask my dad to try to find out something new about him. I still didn’t wear makeup but it was intentional this time.

Which came first? The clothes or the thoughts? Not sure but it was obvious to me they were connected. What you wear can manipulate your own and others perception of you.

I have watched the transformation in myself and others when the combination of clothing accurately portrays exactly what wants to be said without words. I don’t even have to ask if I have gotten it right, the face says it all.

Are there items in your closet that make you feel absolutely amazing? Explore the energy that you get from certain clothing items as you go through your day. Is there a link for you between energy levels, mood and what you wear?

Clean Closet Clear Mind

Clean Closet Clear Mind

The first step in dressing well starts in your mind. Because what’s in your mind shows up in your closet and on your body. Let me give you an example.

For years I felt that it was frivolous to spend money and time on myself when I perceived that I didn’t have time or money to spend on myself. I would wear things that were gifted or passed on to me. I would hit up the thrift store without a plan of what I needed.

I would allow confusion and hence obsession over my inability to put together an outfit that looked good on me to take up my time in the morning.
As I started to dig deeper I also discovered that I wanted to hide a body I was ashamed of. I also realized that as a woman I was tired of perceived unwanted attention from the opposite sex. By covering up, wearing worn items, choosing colors and styles that didn’t complement me and not having a plan when I did shop, I ended up with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. I was uncomfortable in my clothes because I knew they weren’t right.
And it all started in my mind. I would look at beautiful clothes and tell myself I could get something beautiful when I reached a certain weight. I berated myself for not knowing what to wear. I beat myself up!

Are you still beating yourself up?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if your mind is the reason you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.
1. When you look in the mirror do you focus on your perceived flaws instead of being neutral or positive about what you see?
2. Are you confused about what to wear?
3. Do you find yourself making impulse clothing purchases online, at the checkout counter or when you have a few minutes to spare?
4. Are you waiting until you are perfect to buy yourself something new?
5. Do you have a clothing budget?
6. Do you tell yourself it doesn’t matter how you look?
7. Do you think being comfortable means wearing sloppy clothes?
8. Do you think you might be trying to hide using your clothing choices?
9. Do you have clothes in your closet with tags still on them?

10. Is your closet so jam packed you can’t find anything?

When you don’t take time to care for yourself including your appearance and your mind, you are not allowing your full self to be present in the world. You may think your sacrifice is helping the world but in reality you are keeping yourself from showing up fully in the world.

Remember, what’s in your mind shows up on your body and in your closet. Let’s make it good! Take me up on the free 30 minute consultation. I can help you show up and shine.

What examples do you have of closet confusion? Now is the perfect time to clean up that closet confusion. Give me a call if you need help. I would love to work with you in person or virtually to make a change in how you show up.