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Conquer Color

Wearing the colors that are in line with the colors in your personal coloring makes you glow.

Color analysis helps you determine your best clothing, fabric and makeup colors.

Two Hours in person at a Seattle location or your home in the Seattle area.

You will receive fabric samples in your colors and tips on how to wear your colors.

Or we can visit the makeup counter together and find your best make up colors.

$150 Full Session

Mini Session – 1 Hour at our place of business. I will help you determine if you are warm, neutral or cool, how much contrast you should wear and whether will look best in hues, tints, tones or shades.

$85 includes mini color wheel.


Confident Dressing

Learn what your mom never told you (or what you didn’t hear) about how to pick styles that flatter you personally. Having this information will help you weed your wardrobe so that whatever combination you pick in the morning will look great.It will also speed up your shopping as you are able to quickly evaluate what will work before your try it on.

3 hours. Includes one hour in person or virtual meeting to evaluate your body shape, best colors and personal style. Two hour follow up meeting either in person or online. At this meeting you will receive a tip sheet with the best styles for your body type and we will visit a local store (or your closet) to look at styles (or patterns if you are a seamstress) in person or do an online shopping session together.


Closet Clarity

Does your closet look like this? We can look at your wardrobe items to discover what you have that works and what you need to get rid of. With this information in hand we can create a list of items you need to fill in the gaps.

Up to 4 hours of closet clean out.

We will consign or donate your unwanted items for you to save time.

50 matching hangers included