My scarf is my  security blanket

My scarf is my security blanket

Yet another epiphany this morning. (It’s funny how when you give yourself time and space to think and think about what you think that your realize how many wild ideas are rolling through your head). This morning I realized my scarves are acting as a security blanket this winter. They make me feel protected and warm.  They hide my holiday bulging middle, they add color, they bring attention upward and finally they hide the fact that I don’t have nearly enough necklaces. They help hide the fact that too many of my jackets end at an unflattering length or have gotten a little small. They are a blessing and a curse because I am using them as a crutch.

Maybe instead I can see them as a tool to get me through a rough patch of becoming aware of what works and what doesn’t. An aid to looking and feeling better. And in this part of the country they are useful for staying warm as well. I am lucky this crutch is available to me and fits the climate. I just need to start thinking about how to fix the wardrobe deficiencies they are hiding before spring comes.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe crutch you use to get you through a rough patch? I would love to hear about it.