ASG Spring Fling

ASG Spring Fling

At first I hesitated. The “spring fling” was the day after we got back from a three week trip. Didn’t I need to stay home and catch up? Then I remembered – Catch up for what? I am on a 2 year leave of absence. I can schedule what feel like frivolous things back to back.

I also wasn’t a member of ASG – The American Sewing Guild. 

But a sewing meetup acquaintance had sent me a link to their spring fling and I was trying to learn more and meet new people to see what sorts of opportunities open up. So this wasn’t even really frivolous. I signed up and I am glad I did. I even became an ASG member and hope to attend some local meetings.

Even though I don’t look too happy about it (not sure why – probably tired) the day started off with me realizing this was the perfect place to wear my Michigan dress. And I was right. It was one of the best parts of the event to see what others made for themselves and wore. I even had a young woman (20’s) tell her mom she needed to figure out how to make one. Sewing can be a solitary hobby so it is wonderful to meet others and see what they are doing.

I am happier than I look

I was happy to discover coffee and a mix of healthy and tasty snacks to fuel us up for the day. The event had four speakers who were all well informed, poised and good at giving presentations.

The day began with a presentation where I learned about textile basics, how they are made and where to learn more.

Next up was a hilarious and reality based presentation about padding out a dressform to be your body double.

A former costume maker shared her  embellished wardrobe and brought some beautiful reference books on details. One was on sleeve details and I must say I NEVER imagined there could be so many variations on sleeves, their cuffs etc.

The final presentation was on Draping and  the speaker did an impressive job of thoroughly explaining the process as she draped a bodice with neck detail.

The event was fun. I learned a lot and I won one of the door prizes. What more could you ask for? Do you belong to any online or offline sewing groups? What do you enjoy most about them? How could they improve?



High Heels make me slow down

High Heels make me slow down

For years I would go to REI and pick up a pair of quasi hiking boots and those would be my daily shoes because they were supportive and comfortable. I am on my feet a lot going from place to place and always wanting to be prepared to take a walk at the drop of a hat. Since I already have a lot to lug around I didn’t bring a pair of so called cute shoes to put on at any point in the day.I had a list longer than the day. Taking a moment to consider how well the shoes went with anything I was wearing was unthinkable. Besides I was wearing blue jeans and my khaki uniform pants most days. Rushing around.Not evaluating what items on the agenda could be done by others or dropped totally.

Plus only having to buy one pair of shoes each year saved me A LOT of time and I didn’t have to worry about mistakes or comfort.

I kept putting myself aside, not taking the time to treat myself well. This shoe thing carried over into all the other areas of my life as well. Not taking the time to cook for myself once I became an empty nester OR the total opposite – spending all evening cooking (and drinking wine while preparing) and resenting my husband for never cooking. Letting my evening get taken up with an activity that I didn’t particularly like and ignoring the activities that would bring me joy. Denying myself.

I finally broke down and bought some heels – low heels but heels nonetheless. What I discovered is that they forced me to walk slower to slow down on my journey through the day and to occasionally kick my shoes off and sit down! What a joy!

Are you finding the time to slow down and take care of yourself and think about what brings you joy?